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About Us

I’m Coach Terrica, Owner and SHE-EO( CEO) of ConquerHer, LLC, which was founded in April 2020. I am currently based in Chicago, IL where I was born and raised. 

January 2018, I told myself that I will lose the weight that I’ve been “trying” to lose for the last decade. I’m not sure what hit me ,but Something clicked, and I told my self that I was FINALLY GOING TO CONQUER THIS WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY. And that was by ANY means necessary! From that day forward, I literally busted my ass every single day to reach my goals! With my heaviest being 234lbs, it was an extremely challenging journey but I was fully committed and always remembered my WHY. I begin working out 2 or 3 times in a day, 6 or 7 days a week, and adapted to new healthier lifestyle changes. I PUSHED myself to accomplish my goals. My first goal was 20lbs... then 50lbs...then 75lbs. As I begin to successfully accomplish my goals, the more personal it got!!! I officially loss 85 lbs!!!! And It was the ABSOLUTE BEST DECISION THAT I EVER MADE!!!! I was FIT AND FINEEEE, Feeling good, Confidence boosted and Achieving new heights in all aspects of my LIFE!!! It truly opened doors for me to be ALL THAT I DESIRED TO BE!!!!! Which Led me to starting CONQUERHER and becoming a MOTIVATIONAL COACH. My ultimate goal is to MOTIVATE  and ENCOURAGE women from across the world to CONQUER their fitness goals and experience such a tremendous achievement.

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