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Here's What Our ConquerHer

Cuties Are Saying...

ConquerHer has been a valuable asset in my life! Lifestyle changes can be difficult and overwhelming to implement and keep up, but having a support system makes it so much easier and enjoyable. The workouts are challenging, but they’re fun. The meals are new and different. The motivation is never lacking. Joining ConquerHer has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Jerrica W.

Before joining ConquerHer I was so unhealthy not caring what I  ate . Not active at all ! I tried working out on my own didn’t work out !! Gave up so many times.  September of 2020 I got engaged and I knew for a fact I didn’t want to look the way I looked in my wedding dress. When I say ConquerHer had changed my life I mean just that. I'm eating healthier, I’m working out, and I enjoy it all. When I started my journey I was a 3x now I’m wearing L/XL. I’m not where I wanna be, but it’s a huge difference from where I started. It’s inspiring to be amongst other women and we all conquering our goals and pushing each other. Terrica continues to motivate me and give me the tools to be successful on my journey. Hard work, dedication, and consistency pays off. I’m proud to be part of the CONQUERHER TEAM.

Talicia A.

How do I begin? ConquerHer has definitely been such a life changing experience I never knew I needed. My ConquerHer journey began March 2021 and it’s definitely been that a Journey…not a diet… but a lifestyle change. I have overcome mental fears and challenges along the way. I am so happy to be amongst women who are positive and share their journey, uplift and inspire other women to keep pushing towards their own goals. I look forward to working out during the week, great music and great vibes. Instead of saying “I have to workout today…I say I’m grateful I’m able and get to workout”. Also in the comfort of my own home and still see significant results. I look at food so differently now. The meal plans have challenged me to try so many things that I now buy on a monthly and love. Since the start of this journey I have lost over 50 pounds but gain so much more in confidence, strength and discipline. Terrica is willing to share her skills, techniques and have fun. So just know ConquerHer is where it’s at.

Jessica H.

I started my journey with ConquerHer June of 2021 and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. This road was not easy and I’ve had my own body injuries that has slowed down my weight loss progress but working with Terrica has inspired me to not give up. She constantly reminds us to go at our own pace and don’t give up.

Vernetta L.

I joined CONQUERHER in March 2022 being optimistic about changing into a new lifestyle. I was so nervous after I pressed the submit button of my first challenge. I had plenty of doubt, but I was determined to try it. After my first month challenge, I lost 6 lbs and my body began to transform into better energy and mindset. Coach Terrica is such inspiration to all women and a heaven sent!!! Within 2 months of being apart of CONQUERHER, I’ve lost 15lbs!!! There’s more to be conquer! I thank God everyday for this program from the meal plans to the workouts. I love how I am able to workout in my own living room and be comfortable at the same time. I will continue my healthy lifestyle journey with CONQUERHER because the best is yet to come!!!❤️

Jasmine Holman

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